Timberland Pro Men’s Pitboss 6’’ Steel Toe Boots Review

Timberland Pro Men’s Pitboss 6’’ Steel Toe Boots Review

I had been struggling to find a comfortable pair of work boots until I came across the Timberland Pro Pitboss. Long story short, it met all my expectations of high-quality footwear for working in harsh conditions.

I know many workers are still hesitating over whether to buy this pair or not. Let’s make a decision after reading my comprehensive review of the Timberland Pro Pitboss 6’’ steel-toe boot.

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In-depth Review Of Timberland Pro Boots

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Let’s take a look at some salient features of the Timberland Pro Pitboss.

  • High resistance to slipping and abrasion
  • Electrical hazard protection
  • 24/7 comfort system
  • Removable sock liner
  • Polyurethane midsole
  • Padded collar
  • The large steel toe box
  • ANSI-compliant steel toe

That’s all about the features. Now let’s dig into essential aspects of a work boot.

The Look

At first sight, you can tell that the Timberland Pro Pitboss follows the classic design of the traditional steel toe boot. However, it manages to introduce multiple upgrades, of which the most notable is the ankle.

In particular, the ankle-high length makes the whole boots look amazing on the feet. Plus, it provides more comfort, free movement, and breathing room.

With this pair of Timberland on, you can say goodbye to sweat, debris, or bacteria, which often collects in the high neck of traditional work boots.


As suggested above, the steel toe of Pitboss work boots meets ANSI (American National Standards Institute) safety standards. That being said, the boots will protect your feet in hazardous working conditions.

The toe box of this Pitboss footwear model is large, so your feet will not be constricted like with other work boots.


Safety is always a concern with anyone wearing traditional work boots. The built-in steel toe makes this footwear more prone to electrical hazards than ever.

Meanwhile, the Timberland unit does an excellent job when it comes to safety.

It is designed with heat resistant rubber sole, which will protect wearers from electric shocks when they step on a leaked electric wire. And in the case of electrical hazards, it will not amplify the electrical currents like some steel-toe boots doe.

It does not stop there.

The boots have high resistance to abrasion, oil, and slippage. Coupled with ample traction, they will save you from any potential hazards at the workplace.


This pair of Timberland boot is equipped with an anti-fatigue technology called 24/7 Comfort System. It provides amazing cushioning and full support for the arch of your foot, thereby reducing tiredness due to standing all day.

To maximize comfort, there is a removable sock liner and a padded collar.

The polyurethane midsole also plays a role in making you comfortable while wearing the boots. To be specific, it wicks moisture away to keep your feet dry all day long.

You will certainly feel comfortable 24/7 with the work boots on.


Few can compare to the Timberland steel-toe boot regarding durability. The pair is made of nubuck leather, which is rugged enough to deal with most working environments. Plus, the reinforced stitches in essential joinings and sole also improves the overall durability of the work boot.

Nonetheless, there are still some issues in the design that may affect the endurance of the boot. For example, the metal eyelets holding the lace tend to warp over time.


These Pitboss boots are resistant to abrasion, oil, and slippage, but unfortunately, not water. If you want to use the pair in an extremely moist condition, you need to waterproof it first.

The Stitch

This pair of Timberland Pro Pitboss 6’’ steel-toe boot solves the nagging problem of traditional work boots: the stitching.

It features two by four, reinforced stitches on the sole and essential joinings. The stitching helps distribute the stress on the boot evenly as well as hold the boot together. Therefore, the Timberland unit is ultimately durable against any harsh conditions.


If you have used traditional work boots, you probably why know people turned away from it.

Yes, it is because of the excess weight that makes the boots a burden.

The case is totally different with the Timberland Pro Pitboss steel-toe boot. Thanks to the premium materials of the body and the sole, the pair is extremely lightweight, facilitating flexible movements in your workplace.



As a tough work boot with multiple safety and comfort features, the Timberland Pitboss is widely used in hard labor environments, including auto shops or construction. It is also an ideal option for anyone who needs to stand or walk a lot on concrete.


The apparent drawback of this Timberland Pro Pitboss 6’’ steel-toe box is not being waterproof. Therefore, it is not suitable for working in moist conditions. What’s worse, if you accidentally expose it to water, the water might make its way through the mesh upper and damage the whole boots.

In addition, the pair takes some time to break in. Due to the thick materials, you will feel unpleasant for the first days of wearing the Timberland Pro Pitboss to work. The boots still feel amazing after this break-in period, however.

Last but not least, the toe box might be slightly too big to some. There is a lot of room for your toes, which may make you feel uncomfortable.

Who Should Own The Timberland Pro Pitboss Boots

Those working under below conditions may benefit from having a pair of Timberland Pro Pitboss steel-toe boots.

Factory Work

The Pitboss is one of the best work boots for factory work with great cushioning, full support, and fantastic shock absorption. Do not hesitate to bring home a pair if you are working in any plants or factories out there.

Who Should Own The Timberland Pro Pitboss Boots


Being slip, oil, and abrasion-resistant, the Timberland footwear unit is undoubtedly the perfect partner for anyone working outdoors. Trust me, it will save you some time.

However, do note that the Pitboss is not for overly moist environments. It is not waterproof, you know.

Long Walking

If you have to do a lot of walking and standing on concrete every day, do not skip this Timberland work boots. They will provide great comfort and all-round protection for your feet, even if you suffer from plantar fasciitis.

Electricians or HVAC Work

The Timberland Pro Pitboss 6’’ steel-toe boot is a must-have for electricians. It will save you against hazards caused by:

  • Walking on live electrical circuits
  • Working around energized conductors
  • Standing on a conducting surface with live electricity

FAQs About Timberland Pro Pitboss 6’’ Steel-toe Boot

Are these boots waterproof?

The answer is no, as suggested above. The Timberland Pro Pitboss is not made for working conditions with much moisture or water.

Is it good for winter and snow?

Not really. It can prevent you from falling on ice, but cannot keep your warm and dry.

Are these boots slip-resistant?

Yes, the Timberland Pro Pitboss boots have high resistance to slippage. You can wear it on slippery surfaces without worries.

What is the ANSI rating of this boot?

It meets the C/75 and I/75 impact, F2413-11 standards, and compression ASTM F2412-11 according to ANSI standards.

What does D(M) and 2E stand for? What is their difference?

D(M) and 2E are indicators for shoe widths.

D(M) demonstrates an average width of a boot for men (M). It ranges from four inches on a size 10 shoe to 4.315 inches on a size 13.

If you often buy shoes, you might already know that E is the widest option of most boots and shoes. In this case, 2E refers to a wider forefoot. With a size 10 shoe, the widest part would measure 4.40 inches. That measurement on a size 13 shoe would be 14.62 inches.

Care And Maintenance Of Your Pitboss Boots

Do not skip this part if you want your Pitboss boots to last.

Care And Maintenance Of Your Pitboss Boots


Of course, you cannot use water to clean the Timberland Pro Pitboss 6’’ steel-toe boot as it is not waterproof.

What you need is an emery board. Rub it gently on the surface of the Timberland boots to remove dust and dirt there.

In case there are a lot of stains on the boots, you can count on the Timberland’s boot cleaner. How to use it is simple enough.

First, you take out a little gel and put it on the surface by the applicator. Then, use a dry cloth to clean the boots, and the stains will come off with the gel.


You can always make the Pitboss boots waterproof naturally with essential oil, beeswax, and white petroleum jelly.

First off, boil all the ingredients until they are all liquid. Then, scrub the mixture onto the surface of your work boots using a brush. Leave it to dry for a day.

When the boots are completely dry, use a cloth to remove the excess beeswax. You are good to go then!

The Bottom Line

Despite some drawbacks, the Pitboss is still an excellent work boot. I highly recommend it for anyone who needs a tough and comfortable boot for working in harsh and hazardous conditions.

Thank you for reading! If you have any questions, leave them in the comment section so I can help you as soon as possible.

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