How To Dry Boots Quickly in 6 Different Ways

How To Dry Boots

Has anyone shown you how to dry boots quickly and easily?

Well, drying boots is quite time-consuming if you do not know the right ways. However, you will not have any trouble drying your boots after reading this article until the end.

Here is the video that guides you to dry your boots and below are our instructions for you in case you want to try out other methods.

Firstly, let’s get started with the preparation.

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What Should You Do Before Drying Your Boots?

There’s something you should do to prepare before drying boots. Doing these things will help you dry boots more efficiently and save time during the process.

1. Remember to scrub all the mud and dirt off your boots. If necessary, you can use a clean brush or towel to clean them thoroughly.

This step ensures the cleanness of your boots after being dried. Also, you can prevent your boots from discoloring.

2. Don’t forget to remove the laces from your boots.

Many people are in the habit of keeping the laces in their boots, but this might not end well for the color of the area behind those laces after the drying phase. Besides, you should take off the insoles as well so that you can dry boots faster.

Although it will take you a while to tie shoelaces, drying your boots quickly is more important, right?

3. Always lay out a towel on the floor where you dry your boots. Impure water can drip from them amid the process.

But if you do not plan on doing the drying indoor, this step is quite unnecessary.

How To Dry Boots: Top 6 Best Ways

Using A Boots Dryer

Do you think that investing in a boots dryer is unnecessary and luxurious?

Well, we hate to break it to you, but as much as a splurge as it sounds, a boot dryer can be an utterly important item.

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If you have to work all day outdoors, a boots dryer will ensure clean and dried shoes every morning before you go to work.

When you own a boots dryer, all you need to do is to put your boots on the top of the drying shoots. Then, leave your boots overnight or for a while. Because the temperature of the boots dryer is not too high, you don’t need to worry about your beloved boots getting damaged after all that time.

On the next day, your boots will be ready for you to put on.

Using Old Newspaper

If you cannot afford a boots dryer, using old newspapers is also an effective way.

You will need to prepare lots of papers before starting your work though. Here are the instructions:

  1. Remove the laces and insoles from your boots.
  2. Put old newspapers into your boots as much as possible.
  3. Wrap some more around your boots so that the process is quicker.
  4. Keep an eye on your boots and replace the newspapers if you find them soaked with water.
  5. Repeat steps 4 and 5 until your boots are dry.

In this way with old newspapers, it may take a longer time. Nevertheless, it is simple, and much, much budget-friendly than any method you can possibly find. Hence, it is a method that you should try.

Using The Towel

Using a towel and newspaper to dry boots

Like the newspaper method, using the cloth to dry boots is also a useful way. The step during the process is the same as that of using old newspapers.

  1. Take off the laces and insoles from your boots.
  2. Tuck the towel in the boots and wrap one around them.
  3. You can place your boots with towels in front of a fan to dry faster.
  4. Take out the towel and replace another one if it gets wet.
  5. Repeat the process until your shoes are completely dry.

You have to spend a few hours drying your boots this way. If you want to save time, you can use both newspapers and towels to make the process faster.

Using Rice

Using rice to dry boots

Have you heard of using rice to absorb moisture in a phone dropped in the water? No? Well, you have now! Rice works very, very well with wet boots.

If you find that unbelievable, why not leave your boot in rice and see how things turn out? The result might take you by surprise. Here are the instructions for you:

  1. Find something that can contain rice, for example, a plastic bin or a bucket.
  2. Fill the container with rice (about 1 inch high).
  3. Place your wet boots on the rice and seal the container if possible.
  4. Leave the boots and rice overnight or for some hours.

This is a way that you don’t need to take much effort, but have a result as expected.

Using A Fan

Using a fan to dry boots

Using a fan to dry boots is also a recommended method for you. And here are all the steps you should know :

  1. Remove the laces and insoles from your boots.
  2. Spread a towel under the fan to absorb water from your wet boots during the drying process.
  3. Use a wire with the S-shape to hang your boots in front of the fan.
  4. Turn the fan on at the highest speed and leave your boots there until they are entirely dry.

It may take you a few hours or more to wear your dry boots, so be patient.

Drying Boots With The Sun

Compared to the above methods, drying boots with the Sun is more straightforward and does not take too much effort and time.

You will only need to take off all the laces and insoles; then, put your boots in a sunny place. The Sun will take care of the rest. Your boots need about 5 – 6 hours to dry under the direct sunlight. While waiting for your shoes to dry, you can focus on other tasks.

It doesn’t waste your time, right?

Some Tips For You When Drying Boots

Don’t Place Your Boots Too Close To The Heat Source

Many people want to dry their boots in the shortest time, so they usually try to use some kinds of heat source having a too high temperature, for example, a boots dryer. Moreover, they tend to put the boots too close to the heat source.

Although doing that helps to dry boots more quickly, it has a bad influence on your boots. If your boots are affected by too much heat, it may shorten the lifespan of your boots.

Therefore, remember to avoid this.

Don’t Dry Your Boots In A Narrow Area

A large and airy space is essential for the drying process. Hence, a narrow area will make the process last longer. Besides, if your shoes are not dried in a well-ventilated environment, they may end up with an unpleasant smell.

Don’t Stop The Work Until It’s Completely Over

Drying the boots is not the only job you need to do. You should also recondition them with some functional boots oil so that your boots will last for a longer time.

Moreover, it also helps to create better protection for your boots’ leather. Hence, don’t miss out on it!

On The Whole

Above is the important information about drying boots that you should know.

It’s hard for your boots to dry naturally, so you had better follow these methods to save your time. If someone asks you how to dry boots, do not forget to share this article with them!

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