Chippewa Boots Review – The Interesting History Behind This Brand

Chippewa Boots Review

In this Chippewa boots review article, we will show you interesting facts about this cult brand. In addition, the great products of Chippewa also bring much value to customers. Surely after reading this article, you will want to put some Chippewa boots on your buying list.

Now, let’s get started!

Product images Product name Editor's rating Prices
Chippewa® Men's 20065 4.5 See Latest Price
Original Chippewa Collection Men's 1901m25 4.4 See Latest Price
Chippewa® Men's 20075 4.3 See Latest Price
Chippewa 6" Moc Toe-M 4.9 See Latest Price
Chippewa® Men's 26330 4.4 See Latest Price
Chippewa® Men's 55025 4.4 See Latest Price
Chippewa Men's 27872 See Latest Price

Interesting things behind the history of Chippewa

At the start of our Chippewa boots review, we want you to learn some interesting things behind Chippewa’s history. Scroll down to see!

In early 1901, the Chippewa began its business as a small boots factory on River Street in Wisconsin. Until today, the company hasn’t stopped applying different technologies in producing in order to improve the quality of its products.

Chippewa boots are famous because they serve multiple purposes. Truly, all its customers can find a suitable item for their own. On the way to becoming successful like today, the Chippewa has designed and tested its products really carefully so that the boots can meet the highest standards.

Cool features of the Chippewa

Now, we will dive deeper into the main part of our Chippewa boots review to see many cool features of Chippewa’s products.

Metguard with Poron XRD

As you can see, the Chippewa boots have a Metguard with Poron XRD. This Metguard is actually a thermoplastic urethane cover that is used to protect the user’s steel box toe and instep. Applying Poron XRD technology, the Chippewa has built the guard to become really sturdy. Therefore, this shield can keep your feet far away from outside impacts.

Ortholite Technology

Inside the shoes, you can find an Ortholite insole. This sole is constructed from a special polyurethane foam that allows you to wash or replace it. As the insole is so light and breathable, you can feel really comfy right under your feet while wearing the boots. The great thing is not just about that. In addition, this foam sole is designed with an anti-bacterial system in order to keep your feet clean and fresh all day long.

Guard Toe

For over 85 years, the Chippewa brand has shown a strong position on the market due to its high-quality Steel Toe Boots. Truly, we have to give a compliment to each of these company’s products because of their solid guard toe. This toe box is really sturdily made in order to cover your sensitive feet part from handle compression. So if you work at construction, you should see this pair of shoes as your most trustable partner.

Vintage Vibram

Another special thing about these shoes is the Vibram soles. This type of rubber soles has a great ability to resist abrasion and provide traction. Thus, you can avoid some bad accidents while walking on the wet area.

Chippewa XOG

What makes the Chippewa boots ideal for harsh working environments is the XOG technology. At this point, you may wonder what does XOG stand for, right? The answer is, XOG means Extreme Oil and Gas. As the name says, this product is specially made to protect your feet from working hazards.

Horween Leather

Cooperating with the Horween Leather, the Chippewa always receives the best quality leather supplying to construct its boots. Because this Horween leather is reinforced by traditional methods, you can not complain about its durability.

CSA Sole Puncture Protection

The important thing to notice when buying a pair of shoes is the soles. The more sturdy the soles are, the better quality the shoes have. Understanding this, the Chippewa has made the rubber pads to be really thick (meet CSA standards) to withstand strong impacts and heavy force.

Thinsulate Ultra Insulation

In winter, these boots can keep your feet warm and comfortable. The reason is, their Thinsulate ultra insulation is much thicker compared to other normal shoes on the market.


Each pair of Chippewa’s shoes has a Dri-Lex system. This Dri-Lex works to make your shoes dry faster and prevent moisture.


Besides Dri-Lex, the shoes also have a membrane system. This system operates to stop water from getting into the boots.

Dual Guard

Between the underpads and the insole of the boots, there is a sturdy steel plate. Thanks to this plate, the boots can avoid being punctured by sharp objects. For qualification, this steel shied has passed the ASTM F2413-11 test. Therefore, we have totally no doubt about its ability to withstand the impact and compression.

CSA Electrical resistance

Not only withstand physical hazards, but the rubber underpad of the boots can also resist electrical components. Thus, you can totally be comfortable while working in any place where has a high rate of shock cases.

Steel Toe

The Chippewa seems to really care about its customers’ safety. As a consequence, the firm has increased the quality of the shoes’ steel toe to the highest. As this protection meets the ASTM F2413-11 standards for compression and impact, you can rest assured while working in harsh environments.

Composition Safety Toe

In comparison to the steel toe, this composition safety toe is lighter. Anyway, this part still insulates electrical shocks, heat, and cold.


To be honest, it is really hard to find another product that can resist water better than this one. The Chip-A-Tex managing system has completed its job really well to make the boots waterproof.

Vibram Outsole

No need to talk much about the Vibram outsole of this item. This underpad is one of the most durable outsoles types that grip the ground tightly. Using this, you will never have to worry about slipping while walking in wet areas.

Some good Chippewa boots review

After listing the common cool features of Chippewa’s products, we want to share with you some good options. Continue reading our Chippewa boots review to see them!

1. Chippewa® Men’s 20065

See Latest Price

The Chippewa® Men’s 20065 is a combination of comfort and durability. As this footwear is handcrafted, it also looks rugged and really stylish. If you choose to put these shoes on your feet to go downtown, we would say that it is totally not a bad idea.


  • The product provides a high traction
  • You can remove or replace the cushioned insole
  • The lace-up system and the D-ring lacing help the boots to fit you better


  • The soles make some “popping” sound while walking

2. Original Chippewa Collection Men’s 1901m25

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Moving up next, we want you to see the Original Chippewa Collection Men’s 1901m25. Having a beautiful original design, this product has impressed a lot of Chippewa’s customers.


  • The Vibram underpads help you keep balanced better while walking in a wet area
  • There are plenty of styles and colors for you to choose
  • You get no trouble to put your foot in the shoes


  • The toe box is quite small that may hurt your toes

3. Chippewa® Men’s 20075

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Another item that we highly recommend is the Chippewa® Men’s 20075. In comparison to other Chippewa’s products, this one is much lighter. Therefore, it will be a perfect choice for outdoor activities.


  • You can use these boots for a long time
  • The rubber underpads make sure for you about a great grip


  • This item does not protect you much from compression and physical impact
  • You may get difficult to put the shoes on

4. Chippewa 6″ Moc Toe-M

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This Chippewa 6” Moc Toe-M is suitable for anyone who works in the office because it has a polite and elegant style. On the other hand, this item is also very comfortable to wear.


  • The product has a great softness inside due to the Moc Toe design
  • The shoes look elegant and polite, suiting all the office workers
  • The wedge soles can prevent electrical hazards
  • The Vibram rubber underpads grip the ground tightly to prevent slipping


  • The product does not last long
  • The size of this item is bigger than expected

5. Chippewa® Men’s 26330

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For use in the cold days, we advise you to get this Chippewa® Men’s 26330. Having a classic style and high-protection steel toe, this footwear will not make you disappointed.


  • The Chip-A-Tex system prevents the water from getting into the boots
  • The Maple Taibrelle lining creates cushioning to your feet
  • The Texon insole works to support your arch greatly
  • Your feet can stay warm in the cold weather


  • The product has a heavyweight
  • The ankle support is not good

6. Chippewa® Men’s 55025

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If you are looking for a good pair of portable logger work boots, then you can not miss this Chippewa 55025. Along with the great durability, this item also gives extra comfort and protection to your feet.


  • The upper body of the boots is made of nubuck leather for more comfort
  • The sole can resist abrasion quite well
  • The Goodyear Welt PVC structure make sure for you about the durability


  • The heels may be too high that makes your walking uncomfortable
  • You may feel the boots heavy while wearing them

7. Chippewa Men’s 27872

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At the end of our list, we have a product that is specially built for bikers. Just look how tough this item is, you may have already fallen in love with it, right?


  • The insoles can make a great comfort and cushion to your feet
  • The steel shank helps you to walk and stand stably
  • The product comes in 4 different beautiful colors


  • The product may not fit the people with wide feet
  • The price is quite high


In conclusion, we have given you a clear view of Chippewa boots with some good options. Hopefully, through the Chippewa Boots Review, you can find yourself a great companion on every road.

If you still have any questions, do not be afraid to leave a comment below. We will answer you as fast as possible.

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