Best Composite Toe Work Boots in 2020 – 9 Great Options and Buying Guide

best composite toe work boots

Doing manual work always makes you tired? Do you believe that a gift we will give you the following will help you dispel fatigue? So do not hesitate, scroll down to discover the best composite work boots right away! They will surprise you.

Product images Product name Editor's rating Prices
Bates Men's 8" Ultralite 4.6 See Latest Price
Skechers for Work Men's Workshire 4.4 See Latest Price
EVER BOOTS "Tank Men's Soft Toe 4.5 See Latest Price
Carhartt Men's CMF6366 4.4 See Latest Price
Wolverine Men's Overpass 4.5 See Latest Price
Timberland PRO Men's Titan 4.4 See Latest Price
Timberland PRO Men's Boondock 4.6 See Latest Price
Skechers for Work Men's Soft Stride Canopy 4.3 See Latest Price
Ariat Women's Fatbaby Western Boot 4.7 See Latest Price

9 Best Composite Toe Work Boots in 2020

Don’t let you wait anymore, here are the top 9 best composite toe work boots in 2020!

#1 Bates Men’s 8″ Ultralite 

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The first product of our list is the Men’s 8” Ultralite made by Bates –  a famous brand since 1885. As a product of one of the best brands worldwide, these shoes are trustable for high quality and great features.

Materials & Durability

The materials that are used to make these shoes are a combination of 70% leather and 30% nylon. Therefore, the shoes can stay really durable while still keeping its beautiful look whether in any weather condition. Besides, the sole of them is protected with rubber cover. So that you won’t have to worry about the impact from the ground to the shoes.


Due to the rubber sole under the boots, you will feel comfortable at feet no matter which type of road you are walking on. Inside them are some layers to wick moisture and make themselves breathable. As a sequence, your feet will never be stinky or sweaty.

In order to prevent the leather surface from damaging your feet, the Bates has added some soft material inside the shoes. That means also, you can go as long as you can and your feet will never be hurt.

Additional Features

The outside sole of the boots is designed to prevent slipping. Even in a wet condition, you won’t have to be afraid of falling while walking. However, the shoes are not waterproof. So make sure that you don’t let them contact too much water, especially when you walk in the rain. Otherwise, the quality of the product will decrease much.


  • The rubber outsole makes your feet comfortable
  • They can resist moisture
  • Your feet are fully protected
  • The soles are non-slip
  • The leather makes a good appearance for the shoes


  • The boots don’t resist water
  • You may get some fit issues with them


If you work as a plumber, you will feel this product is really useful due to the non-slip soles.

#2 Skechers for Work Men’s Workshire 

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The products from the company Skechers always meet the needs of the most fastidious people. Its boots have not only an affordable price but also high-quality. No wonder why this brand is so trustable. And now, we will come closer to see a wonderful product of it – the Men’s Workshire.

Materials & Durability

About the design, this product was made of synthetic leather, so it is much lighter and softer than in comparison to other products. Unfortunately, this means also that the boots will be less durable. On the other hand, the shoes can resist water. So we can see this ability as an advantage to compensate for the previous drawback. Anyway, the brand Skechers always want to bring the most convenience in use for its customers.


Believe us! You will have no complaint about the comfort these boots bring to.

To emphasize comfort, we have to talk about the fit. The Relaxed Fit designed gives you a great feel right from the moment you put your feet in. In addition, the boots are made to be breathable. So that you can go so far without stopping to have a break time.

If you notice, there is a midsole that absorbs shock. Due to this reason, your knees and feet will never be tired because of a long time walking.

Additional Features

The manufacturers seem to really care about the user’s safety. They have made a safety steel toe at the head of the boots. So that your feet can avoid damage from the outside impact. You can run, you can jump, you can kick, but you can’t hurt yourself!

Besides the ability to resist water that we have taken above, this product can keep your feet far away from electrical hazards! Under a dry condition, the surface of this item can withstand up to 18kV and 60Hz AC for 60 seconds. So if you work as an electrician, you will love this product!


  • The product fits well
  • The shoes protect you from electrical hazards
  • The midsole can absorb shocks
  • They are waterproof


  • The boots are not durable
  • You are unable to replace the sole since it runs down of quality


If you work as an electrician, this product may please you at best!

#3 EVER BOOTS “Tank Men’s Soft Toe

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We will now move on to a beautiful product made by the firm EVER BOOTS. Right from the first moment, we guess that you have been impressed by its cool style, right? But that is not all this product has. Let’s go to see many more great features of it!

Materials & Durability

The materials that are used to make these boots are premium Nubuck leather. Therefore, the shoes will make sure about their thickness for longer uses. Additionally, what also makes this item durable is the ability to resist oil. If you do construction projects for a living, this one can be your great partner.


What makes the high quality of this product is the comfortability. Typically, when you wear brand new work boots, you can not avoid hurting your legs. In order to feel comfortable in use, you have to wait for a time of wearing. But with this product, you can skip that process. The speed hooks design makes these boots simple to wear on and take out.

Inside the boots, you can find some insulated mesh linings. These linings will do their best to keep your feet at a stable temperature. So even when you have to work overtime, your feet will not be tired.

However, this product is not waterproof. So make sure that you don’t step on water. Or else the water will get inside and stick to your feet, making them stinky.

Additional Features

If you have to climb up and down stairs or ladder, this one is good support. The manufacturer has used a metal shank to make the boot arch. Therefore, the pressure created on your ankle will be decreased so much and you will take no fatigue while moving.


  • The shoes can resist oil
  • You won’t have to worry about the thickness of the boots surfaces
  • There are some insulated mesh linings inside the shoes
  • You can wear them simply


  • The boots can not prevent water from getting inside


If you work in many construction sites, this product will be a great choice.

#4 Carhartt Men’s CMF6366 

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You may have not known, but the company Carhartt always produces the most beautiful boots for both men and women. The truth is, this brand takes big care of the style and design for the shoes. And now, we will share with you a wonderful item that is specially designed for men. It is called Men’s CMF6366.

Materials & Durability

The first thing to say about this product is its material. As you can see, the shoes can resist water and cover your ankles really well. Those benefits are all thanks to the ASTM 2413-11 EH Brown standard full-grain leather.

Designed with Rugged Flex features for uses both in casual life and for work, these boots have great durability. More specifically, the manufacturer has given underneath of the insole the boots some polyurethane layers. So that you can go on any kind of terrains without damaging the boots and especially your feet.


No matter which size your feet are, the shoes can fit them greatly. If you want to be more assured, then just have a look at the shoelaces. Those are so strong and durable that they can tie and keep the boots holding your feet tightly.

Right under the shoes, you can see that the rubber soles are really thick, right? Thanks to them, you can go anywhere, any place while feeling so light and so soft. That gives a plus to all workers who have to do the job at construction sites.

In contrast to the comfort at feet, the composite toe of this product may rubber the front of your feet, annoying you while walking. But it is also no big deal. After a time of use, the boots will be wider and be simple to use again.

Additional Features

As these boots are to support construction workers, they are insulated. Wearing those, you can keep calm in mind to go and do all the hard jobs. No electrical or chemical hazards will have a chance to attack you.


  • These shoes are insulated
  • The product is soft and light
  • They keep your feet away from water


  • They make some issues to your toes and the front of your feet


If you are looking for a pair of durable feet for both casual and working uses, this one will meet your needs.

#5 Wolverine Men’s Overpass

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The Wolverine is a famous American company which always comes up with high-quality products. Although you may not get an affordable price for the product, regardless, you will be assured of the long-lasting and warranty. Now, we will introduce you to one of the Wolverine proud – the Men’s Overpass.

Materials & Durability

The shoes are made of 100% leather. With the meticulous textile, you won’t have to be afraid of them to be broken down. In fact, the original leather can withstand greatly all hard impact from outside factors that may scratch the shoes. Are those here enough to impress you?


This product is built with the Contour Welt features. It can bend and flex after your motion. Therefore, you are able to move all parts of your legs greatly. No hard to say that this feature is a symbol for any shoes that provide flexibility to the users.

Additional Feature

Even when you are in a hurry, you can run, jump, slide with these boots without trouble. They can not only resist water but also keep the toe from abrasing. To be honest, it is hard to find another product that has such great features as this one does.

You may have already known. Any shoes that are made of 100% leather are often solid and heavy. This one is not an exception as well. If you have to walk in a long time, your feet may be tired. In this situation, you should spend some time taking a break and then continue to walk.


  • This product is super durable
  • It helps your feet flexible
  • It does not welcome any water to get inside
  • The sole will not be abrased


  • The price is not cheap
  • The shoes have a heavyweight


If you need a boot that gives versatility, you should consider purchasing this Wolverine’s one.

#6 Timberland PRO Men’s Titan 

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If you ask us which brand is dominating the shoe market? We will give you the name of Timberland. The products of this company are always a wonderful combination of durability, flexibility, comfortability, and cool style. If you don’t believe us, then just have a look at this PRO Men’s Titan.

Materials & Durability

This PRO Men’s Titan comes up with 3 different colors: brown, black, and coffee. Of course, they are all made of high-quality leather. Just by looking at the style, you can already guess how durable and sturdy they are.

If you are dreaming of a steel shank of shoes, then this one can not meet your needs. The material used to create the shank of this item is nylon. In spite of the fact that nylon is not as durable as metal, the shank can still be solid enough to protect your feet.


As we have said above, 100% leather shoes are not soft and light to use. But the Timberland has made a perfect solution. This firm has added a synthetic sole right under the shoes in order to make them soft. As a sequence, every step with this item will be an enjoyment.

Even after a long day of work, your feet will still be comfortable as from the very beginning. That is all thanks to the Powerfit Comfort System. More specifically, this system uses all ergonomic factors and elements to improve the softness and cushion inside the boots, making them ideal to support movements.

Additional Features

If you don’t want your feet to be smelly while wearing shoes, just let Timberland help you. Inside this footwear, you can find a mesh antimicrobial lining that makes the shoes breathable. Thus, you can take all bad odors out of the shoes without the help of any chemical deodorant sprayer.

Even when this product does not please you, you can return it in a half of 30 days. No refund or extra money is required for this act.


  • The product is 100% leather
  • The shoes fit really well
  • You have plenty of choices to get the suitable style


  • The price is quite expensive
  • The shank is not so durable


If you need a product that fits you comfortably, you should put this one on your buying list.

#7 Timberland PRO Men’s Boondock 

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Is the previous Timberland’s product so attractive? Do you want to see more boots from this company? That is alright, we will introduce another great one. Say hello to the PRO Men’s Boondock.

Materials & Durability

This pair of boots is suitable for anyone who likes simplicity. The product is designed with black full-grain leather to have a delicate and simple appearance. Right at the sole is a yellow line made of synthetic rubber. As you can see, the style is really a perfect combination of material and color.

All around the item is covered with a waterproof membrane. Due to this reason, you can be assured to wear these boots in any weather conditions. The quality can always stay great even in the heavy rain.


Inside the head of the boots, there is a molded rubber toe protector. So if you are an uncareful person who often has collisions and gets accidents, then you can throw the worry about your toes away.

Furthermore, the footbed of these shoes is designed with Anti-Fatigue technology. That means you will not feel tired at legs while walking for long hours.

Additional Features

Do your feet often sweat? If yes, then wearing shoes in the summertime is not a good idea, right? But just be assured with this PRO Men’s Boondock. Because it is breathable, your feet will have plenty of space inside. Besides, this item also makes sure for you about the insulation from the outside temperature. No matter how hot the summer or cold the weather is, you will always feel great inside.

On the downside, this product is a little bit heavy. It is easy to understand because it is made of 100% leather. But with all these advantages, these shoes are still worth purchasing.


  • The shoes fix your sweating problem
  • The style is simple but beautiful
  • They fit wide feet well


  • The price is not cheap
  • The shoes have a heavyweight


If you are the type of people who like simplicity, then this one is specially made for you.

#8 Skechers for Work Men’s Soft Stride Canopy 

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You may not know, Skechers is the leading brand in the footwear industry today, attracting all customers of all ages and genders. The success of the company is due to the high quality, the diversified, and reasonable price range of products, which is responsive to consumers’ needs. Especially, we want to mention the product is very outstanding – Skechers for Work Men’s Soft Stride Canopy.

Materials & Durability

The composite toe work boot belonging to Skechers brand is made of 100% leather. With this material, you do not need to be too worried when going to crowded places because it is scuff resistant leather. Not only that, but leather also has a special feature that is waterproof. So a lot of people love them because of their durability.

In addition, the sole of the shoe is made of rubber, which provides the user with certainty, avoiding slippery.


The design of these shoes can make you relax even when you are working hard. Soft fabric lining provides users with ventilation throughout the day. Besides, memory foam footpads make you feel comfortable and pleasant from the time you go to work to the time you go home. You can even use these shoes to exercise because it can balance the temperature in your feet. With Relaxed Fit design, the shoes bring a new experience for users: spacious, breathable, and mellow.

Additional Features

A special feature that Skechers has is the shock-absorbing midsole. Therefore, the shoes support maximum for users and bring the most pleasant feeling possible.

However, the one downside to these shoes is that they are too big. This can be inconvenient when you stand up, sit down, or walk in a confined space.


  • The shoes are shockproof effectively
  • You can use it even in wet or rainy conditions.
  • It can balance the temperature
  • The price is cheap


The size of the shoes is too large, which can cause inconvenience when working.


If you want a pair of shoes that can last for years, Skechers for Work Men’s Soft Stride Canopy is the right choice.

#9 Ariat Women’s Fatbaby Western Boot

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Referring to Ariat, maybe you will immediately remember the technologically advanced riding boots, right? This is a brand of shoes that many athletes love.

Ariat Shoes provide apparel and shoes for athletes all over the world. Besides, the brand is also a foundation to support athletes from work, ride to compete.

Ariat Women’s Fatbaby Western Boot is a very cute pair of shoes and is the best selling product. Let’s find out!

Materials & Durability

The main material of Fatbaby is leather. This material has long been considered very durable and can be used for a long time. The point on the shoes is the soft, lovely lines that bring femininity to the rider.

In addition, the sole of the shoe is made from synthetic material, which is strong and durable. This is also a good waterproof shoe.


The shoe is designed to fit the foot, bringing compactness and lightness. Moreover, riders will be comfortable, because of the softness of the leather on the outside and the suede on the inside.

Additional Features

In addition, this is a type of shoes designed in classic Cowgirl style, which is very suitable for horse racing athletes. On the other hand, the shoe includes a 4 layer footbed for cushioning providing maximum support and comfort.

Ariat Women’s Fatbaby Western Boot comes in a variety of colors and designs for you to choose from. Of course, the more details a pair of shoes has, the higher the price is.


  • The design is diversified with many colors
  • The shoes are very durable and lightweight
  • It has four-layer footbed for cushioning


  • The price is quite expensive


This composite toe work boot is the best choice for equestrian athletes.

What Is The Different Between Steel Toe And Composite Toe

After learning about the best composite toe work boots, you are wondering whether steel toe and composite toe are different, right? So let’s take a look at a few factors that lead to the difference between these 2 shoes!

Advanced Materials

Nowadays, most people prefer composite toe work boots because the material is used for new technologies to produce. As a result, they gradually replaced the steel toe work boots.

Type of Materials

Composite toe work boots are made of non-metal materials, especially carbon fiber, fiberglass, kevlar, and plastic. Meanwhile, the material used to make steel toe is just steel.


A composite toe work boot is lighter than steel toe one because they do not contain heavy metals. And therefore, they bring comfort, lightness, and help users consume less energy when moving and transporting.

Weather Considerations

With synthetic material, a composite toe work boot allows you to work in extreme weather conditions due to their ability to regulate their temperature. However, because steel toe is made of metal, so when the weather is very hot, the shoes make you feel very hot and vice versa, the cold weather will make you feel very cold.

Arrangements of Security

Composite toe is the right choice for those companies that have metal detectors that you must definitely pass through while steel can not.

Electric Hazards

Composite toe is safer than a steel toe. The reason is that some composite toe work boots use non-conductive plastic and have good electrical resistance. Therefore, this shoe should not be ignored for electricians and those who often work directly with electricity.

The Features of A High-Quality Composite Toe Work Boots

Now you have an overview of composite toe work, right? Next, let’s go into details and see what best composite toe work boots have to offer.

1. Materials & Durability

Typically, a high-quality composite toe work boot is made of full-grain leather. After a manufacturing process, this leather becomes a soft synthetic material, less durable than the original material but can resist water and avoid scratches.

The soles of composite toe work boots are made from cement construction, so it can be inconvenient for you. Once the sole is uneven, you cannot repair or replace them. However, this shoe sole technique increases flexibility. Moreover, you can use it for a long time without fear of getting water because the seam at the sole of shoes is very tight.

2. Impact Resistance

Most of all composite toe work boots can resist outside impact. Why can they do so? You can find the answer to their materials. Normally, work boots are made of 100% leather or synthetic leather. Both are so solid that can prevent shock or high force from dangerous outside factors and hazards.

Before being released on the market, those boots have to pass the test of ASTM.

3. Compression Resistance

Besides the ability to resist impact, a good pair of work boots must also withstand the compression. Normally, when you wear shoes, your feet will put pressure on the inside of the boots. On the other hand, the reflex forces from the ground will create effects on their underneath. If the work boots can not hold up this high compression, they will run out of quality.

In application, if you use work boots, you are able to do so much hard work. No wonder why these products are widely used in construction sites.

4. Comfort

Another criterion that high-quality work boots must have is comfortability. Of course, you surely don’t want to wear heavy and tight shoes on, right?

Typically, a nice work boot is designed to have much space inside. So that feet can breathe and avoid sweating. In addition, the manufacturer can add some layers to keep the shoes from moisture as well as hot temperatures. Due to this reason, you will not worry that your feet may become stinky.

5. Thick soles

The thicker the soles are, the softer you feel at your feet. As we have said above, mostly all boots are made of leather. This material is quite sharp and can hurt your feet. But due to the thick insole, you can avoid this terrible thing. At the same time, the middle sole is used to absorb shocks and the outside are used to prevent slipping. So just keep in mind: thick soles play an important role to make a good work boot.

6. Waterproofing

You hate your feet to be wet, don’t you? We understand this, the manufacturer also understands this. Therefore, when a company attempts to produce a high quality work boot, it must think about the ability to resist water. With this ability, you can walk in the rain without a problem.

Are Composite Toe Work Boots as Safe as Steel Toe?

There will be no answer to the question of which toe type is best. It will depend on your needs, conditions, interests, and so on to be able to make decisions.

Even so, you can still compare the safety of composite toe and steel toe. With a steel toe, heavy metal material will keep the boots from warping. On the other hand, composite toe work boots provide comfort and protection for your toe. However, they are not rated as high safety standards as steel toe.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Composite Toe Boots

You already know about the pros and cons of each best composite toe work boots. However, learn about the main advantages and disadvantages that this type of shoe brings.

The Advantages

The most outstanding advantage to mention is that the composite toe is 30% lighter than a steel toe. The weight of the shoes is very important. Light shoes will help you to walk on uneven terrains such as hills, uphill, undulating roads, and so on. In addition, you can also walk and run for miles without getting tired or exhausted.

Besides, shoes made of non-metallic materials will be safer for you. Composite toe work boots are non-conductive, so you can wear them in extremely low and high temperatures.

Last, but not least, the shoes do not react with metal detectors. So security zones or airports are some places you can access conveniently without spending any time being checked.

The Disadvantages

A composite toes work boot is not strong at the ability to withstand compression and outside impacts like the steel and alloy products do. When these composite toes take too much pressure, they may run out of quality and start cracking.

FAQ About Composite Toe Work Boots

1. Does the fit play an important part in boots?

The answer is yes. In fact, the best composite toe work boots must fit your feet greatly right from the moment you wear them on. Why? if they don’t fit you, you will feel uncomfortable and in the worst situation, you may hurt yourself.

For example, when the boots are so tight. Your feet will have to take so much pressure and compression. The result is, they will be damaged and get red.

2. How high is a work boot?

The height of a work boot is divided into 5 groups. Here we will give you the information about these groups:

  • Group A: Low cut – (max: 4.05 inches)
  • Group B: Ankle-length – (min: 4.05 inches)
  • Group C: Halfway to the knee – (min: 7 inches)
  • Group D: Knee length – (min: 11 inches)
  • Group E: Thighs length – (min: 11.02 inches)

3. Which western style work boots are suitable for women

There are a lot of women’s work boots on the market that have a western style. But if you require high quality, we recommend you to get the Ariat Women’s Fatbaby Western Boot.

4. Do work boots have arch support?

Mostly work boots will be designed to have arch support. But in some cases, the work boots may not have this feature. Remember, arch support is really important. Without them, you may get hurt at the feet while walking.

5. Do composite toe work boots make your feet weaker?

The answer is no. In fact, the composite toe work boots do the opposite thing to your feet. As they are so soft and supportive, your feet and ankle can be strengthened and improved so well.


In conclusion, have you got an overview of the composite toe? In the article, we mentioned 9 best composite toe work boots along with the features that a quality shoe needs. In addition, you can also refer to the pros and cons to get yourself the most suitable choice.

Hopefully, with this article, you have all the necessary information and know-how to choose for yourself the best composite toe work boots.

Good luck!